Wooden Spoon Baby Diaper cream is a finalist for “Best of Organic Pregnancy and Baby Products at UK’s only organic awards.

Wooden Spoon’s Diaper Cream is nominated as one of the best organic products on the organic market for pregnancy and baby products according to rigorous judging process by professionals in the industry.

The awards, run by leading organic certifier Soil Association Certification in partnership with headline sponsors Huboo, celebrate those who are working hard to produce the best possible organic products, recognizing innovation and bringing the spotlight on brands who are delivering excellence.

The finalists are being announced at a time when the organic market has shown remarkable resilience, growing by 1.6% in 2022, taking its value to £3.1 billion – highest organic share yet. This marks 11 consecutive years of growth and over 25.4% expansion since 2019. The BOOM awards celebrate finalists who are working in extremely complex and competitive environment, while recognizing the extra level of care and attention that organic producers have to take to produce high-quality products that meets rigorous organic standards.

Wooden Spoon’s Bulgarian cosmetics brand stands shoulder to shoulder with the best organic certified products on the UK market to prove its pure composition, skin health effectiveness and environmental friendliness. We’re delighted to announce that our application was submitted a year ago and today we found out that our Baby Diaper Cream has been recognized as a finalist among hundreds of other organic certified products. The UK market is very large and rival. It is a great inspiration to have a Bulgarian product as a finalist in the Pregnancy and Baby Organic Cosmetics category. We work really hard to make the highest quality baby products so this impartial recognition is a great reward for our work.

Our Baby Diaper Cream will compete with two other products for the award.

The winners will be announced at an official ceremony in Bristol.

Cross your fingers for Bulgaria 🙂!