Frequently Asked Questions – Private label

What else do you have to know about our private label services.

Can I rebrand your portfolio?

Of course, feel free to get creative!

Can I use your products with minor change in the recipe (e.g. fragrance)?

Yes, it is possible. Our team will provide you with all the information needed to create the product you desire.

How many new products can be developed simultaneously?

No more than 3 products.

Can I use your packaging?

Yes, it is possible.

Printing of labels - can you do it?

Yes, it is possible. Right after you provide us with your design, we will appoint the printing to our partners.

Can I certify my products?

Yes. Our own brand Wooden spoon is organic certified with Soil Association Cosmos Organic. In case where you decide to certify your products, we are here to help each step of the process.

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17, Eng. Georgi Belov Str. Sofia, Bulgaria