We have created an innovative product with natural ingredients that has been clinically proven to reduce white hair and help repigment the hair follicle. Men and women have an equal chance to restore the natural color of their hair without dye.

Hair bleaching is not only related to a person’s genetic predisposition. It can be a consequence of a busy daily life, stress or lack of certain vitamins and minerals.

The human hair follicle is made up of different chains, and when one of these chains breaks, the amount of pigment begins to decrease dramatically. The result of this broken chain is the appearance of grey hair.

We found a bioactivated peptide that strengthens the broken chain in the hair follicle, responsible for the spread of pigment and melatonin. Clinical in vivo tests prove that after three months of use of the bioactivated peptide in question, the hair is able to restore the broken chain and begin to regain its natural color.

We believe that nature always has a solution for us. This product is another proof that pure and honest cosmetics with natural ingredients are effective. It contributes to the overall health of man and is gentle on nature.

We can’t wait to release the new hair restoration product for sale. Let us share with you the joy of visible results after the third month. We are currently working on the packaging design. We expect it to be ready by the end of October 2021.

The Wooden Spoon team