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Beautifull packaging

Baby & Kid

Pure formula to keep the delicate baby’s skin hydrated.

Sun care

Mineral UVA&UVB protection.

Face care

Active plant ingredinets for deep hydration.

Baby Eco Diapers

Hypoallergenic biodegradable bamboo diapers. 

Hand care

Moisturizes and creates a protective film.

Body care

Fluffy texture combined with delicious aroma.

Hair care

Follicle regeneration therapy with silky finish.

Lip care

Moisturized and kissable lips throughout the day.

Essential oils

100% natural and bio certified.


Eliminates odors and provides all-day freshness.

Dental care

Improves overall oral health.

Liquid soap

Antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial.


Natural shower gels and soaps without artificial aroma and foamers.

Base oils

Bio-certified herbal extracts.

Scented candles

Explostion for the senses with our combination of natural ingredients. 

Cotton goodies

Handmade organic cotton accessories.


The perfect gift for you and your loved ones.