About us

These are the fundamentals in the creation of all our products. Wooden Spoon is inspired by the idea to offer the purest possible and genuine natural care for the skin.

Wooden Spoon combines raw and unprocessed organic oils with precious herbal extracts, which not only change the overall feeling of body and face but also effectively help to maintain the skin healthy, rejuvenated and irresistibly soft.

We apply a friendly technology in our products for the maximum protection of the natural qualities of the ingredients.

A genuine natural delight to fall in love with!


Effective formulas

We believe simple ingredients obtained properly without thermal or chemical treatment are much more effective.

Gentle Production

We use gentle technology to produce all our products that keeps the natural benefits of the ingredients.

The best ingredients

We choose to use pure and organic ingredients with proven effect on the skin. Our products are chemical-free and synthetic-free.





100% natural

100% organic butters and oils

Organic essential oils

Organic herbal extracts

Gentle production




Water preservatives

Synthetic ingredients

Perfect products for the whole family!

What are our secrets?

We do not use water to dilute our ingredients. Every product is made from organic butters and oils, beeswax and herbal extracts.
We do not heat the butters over 38 °C to avoid the destruction of their beneficial properties.
We produce small amounts but regularly so that all our products are always fresh.
And above all – no chemical, synthetic or petroleum ingredients.


Nature First

We are a zero waste company. All our by-products or unused materials are sent to recycling. We also keep our water usage to minimum levels. No chemicals are used in our production.

Social Responsibility

We organise events “close to nature” with socially disadvantaged children and families.

Education and Innovation

We initiate professional challenges with students, graduating in the cosmetic discipline. We encourage healthy formulas and innovation.