Silvia Pavlova

Managing Partner, Co-founder

When you work with passion, all you create brings incredible energy. And when you pick for your products the most honest and pure ingredients, you can proudly stand behind everything you have created. I truly believe everyone could make a change towards purer, safer and more honest way of living.

Yani Dragov

Partner, Co-founder

I know how difficult it might be to find effective cosmetics without harmful ingredients, and at the same time at an affordable price. This is exactly what inspires me at Wooden Spoon.

Plamen Pavlov

Financial manager, Co-founder

The world is a wonderful place and it is worth saving!

Simona Koleva

Marketing manager

Inspiration, aspiration for new horizons and a zest for more – an endless line connecting company, team players and customers in a perfect circle of harmony!

Veselina Panayotova

Sales Manager

Why? Because the Wooden spoon products are without a compromise and they are not for everybody. They are only for those, who understood how to cherish themselves. At the same time the working environment is casual and uncensored. We are together to see how high we can reach and to support each other while trying. To be part of this experience makes me joyful and fills me up with positive vibe.

Emil Dinkov

Production manager

There are no unfulfilled aspirations and no unachievable targets but only abandoned dreams and not enough work!

Elena Tsekovska

Quality Control

The opportunity to be part of this inspiring environment, triggering creative processes for realization, makes my job a pleasure!

Nevena Ivanova


When you love your job, you place a piece of your heart and soul in it. Wooden spoon inspires us to create beauty!

Preslava Marinova

Production coordinator

Live as a free spirit, do what you love and never stop working for your dream!

Aneta Yosifova


I like my job and the zeal of the whole crew to create the highest quality of natural products.

Nadezhda Popova

Happiness Manager

The training provided, the friendly atmosphere and the freedom to be proactive give me satisfaction and faith in good people. Wooden Spoon is our arena for creativity – Beauty we serve!

Viktoriya Angelova

Biologist, Microbiology

The best results come in a team-work and a friendly working environment.

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