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in the world of sustainable cosmetics!

Start your own cosmetic brand or enrich your existing portfolio with high quality organic products with Wooden spoon – a company of great production and ethical standards!

Our private label offer to you

Benefit from our wide range of Private label services!

Rebrand our cosmetic portfolio

We have at our disposal a portfolio, with products that are well accepted on the market. Start your sales now, rebrand our products according to your taste and save time and resources!

Research & Development

Get creative – make your own formulas under the professional guidance of our team, who will lead you throughout the whole process of creating the product of your dreams!

Environmental protection

Develop products which do NOT contain silicone, PEGS & GMO, coloring, water preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Create products that are safe to our society and planet!

Raw materials and packaging

Diversity of high quality ingredients. Constant connection with proven raw material providers from all around the world. Access to eco-friendly packaging and labeling.


Whether you hesitate in making a big decision or you just want to brainstorm some ideas, you can count on us each step of creating your brand! 



Targeted consumer tests; stability testing; microbiological and dermatological testing; In-vitro and in-vivo testing for specific claim (SPF, water resistance, effectiveness).


We are currently collaborating with the biggest courier companies. We deliver to any destination in the world. Safe and fast! 



Flexibility of the production process – you have the opportunity to realize smaller batches and gradually increase them.

MKT support

Our marketing team will provide you with guidelines in design and creative to promote your brand and make it recognizable.

Why choose Wooden Spoon to create your Private label?

The constant renewal and investment in modern laboratory equipment guarantee us the creation of products that are in line with the latest trends in the production of organic cosmetics worldwide. The technology we use, preserves the qualities of our ingredients, so the nutritional needs of skin and hair, are fully satisfied. The Wooden Spoon team is made of well-rounded professionals, eager to learn new ways of producing effective high quality cosmetics, while their main focus stays preserving the environment.

Our certificates

In order to win our customers’ trust, we follow the rules, set by the following certificates:

Our production is strictly following the guidelines set by the GMP certificate. In this manner, we guarantee flawless production with every batch.
Our brand Wooden Spoon is certified with Cosmos organic certificate. In case you are willing to certify your products, whether you decide to do go with the same certificate and certificating association or not, we are able to support you each step of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions – Private label

You are certain that you want to be part of the ethical producers of high quality cosmetics, but you still have unanswered questions? Get acquainted with the frequently asked ones.


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