These General Terms are in effect by and between:

Orenda Group Ltd. , UIC: 201295951, with statutory seat in Sofia 1712, 17 Eng. Georgi Belov Street, Republic of Bulgaria, called hereinafter SUPPLIER and
the person consenting with these General terms, called hereinafter USER, using the website: www.woodenspoon.eu

Please, read these General Terms related to the use of www.woodenspoon.eu.

These terms regulate the relations between the SUPPLIER and the USER (customer) of this website. By clicking on an object, an image or link (other than the General Terms) or any button located on www.woodenspoon.eu , you agree and accept the General Terms described below. These General Terms are in compliance with the requirements of Consumer Protection Act and other effective acts in the Republic of Bulgaria. If you disagree with these General Terms, please, do not proceed with the use of  www.woodenspoon.eu


I.1 For the purpose of these General Terms, the terms and expressions listed below have the following interpretation:

SUPPLIER is Orenda Group Ltd., owner of the website: www.woodenspoon.eu , which serves as a virtual platform to present our company and our products. The SUPPLIER has the right to amend the contents of the website and its access at its own discretion.

USER is a person who agrees with the General Terms of this website.

IP ADDRESS is a unique identification number, associated computer, internet page or resource of the SUPPLIER allowing its localization in the global internet network.

BROCHURE/NOTIFICATION/NEWSLETTER are electronic messages related to the activities of our company and its products, issued from time to time on our internet page or sent by email to the USER, provided they have subscribed to receive those publications.

COMMERCIAL MESSAGES are advertisements or other messages, promoting directly or indirectly our products, services or reputation of a person exercising trade, craftsmanship or a regulated profession.


2.1. Browsing the website www.woodenspoon.eu is free and accessible from any location in the world.
2.2. www.woodenspoon.eu is a corporate website. The USERS may use the information available on the site for personal and non-commercial use only. It is not permitted to change, copy, distribute, transfer or manipulate in any way the contents of the site.
2.3. The SUPPLIER will not sell, rent, trade or make available any personal information data collected by www.woodenspoon.eu, including membership data or mailing lists. Any information provided to www.woodenspoon.eu will be protected and will never be used in any way for which the USER has not granted their consent.
2.4. The SUPPLEIR will publish on www.woodenspoon.eu the following:

2.4.1. description of main characteristics and images of every product;
2.4.2. main characteristics of the goods and additional information. Also, the website www.woodenspoon.eu provides an option for the USER to review and rate a given product.


3.1. By registering on this website, the USER expresses its consent with the General Terms whose clauses are thereinafter binding.

3.2. By registering and accepting these General Terms, the USER agrees to receive emails, bulletins and messages related to orders, confirmation on changes of their personal data, as well as advertisements and information about promotions via email, text message or by other electronic means. The USER may cancel the reception of brochures and/or notifications to their electronic mail or mobile phone at any time by:

3.3.1. using the designated internet link, contained in every brochure and/or message – the “unsubscribe” button;
3.3.2. contacting the SUPPLIER via the email address/ phone number shown on the internet page, explicitly requesting not to receive any further brochures and/or notifications;
3.4. if following a refusal to receive brochures and/or notifications, however, the USER places an order, it is deemed that they have again agreed to receive brochures and/or notifications;
3.5. The SUPPLIER preserves its right to choose to whom to send brochures and/or notifications, as well as to remove from its data base a user who has provided consent to receive brochures and/or notifications;
3.6. The SUPPLIER will include in the brochures and/or notification only advertising information related to the products sold in the online shop.


4.1. All the information published on www.woodenspoon.eu is property of the SUPPLIER, including images and descriptions of stock units.
4.2. It is not permitted to copy texts from www.woodenspoon.eu and post them in other websites and/or online shops without the prior written consent from the SUPPLIER. Alternatively, the source must be quoted by placing the following text: Source: www.woodenspoon.eu“, followed by a link to www.woodenspoon.eu


5.1. The SUPPLIER guarantees that the access to the online shop will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and free from errors to the limit of its capacity and its control;
5.2. The SUPPLIER is not responsible for any damages incurred in the software, hardware or telecommunication facilities, or for any loss of data resulting from materials or resources, sought, loaded or used in any manner through the website.
5.3. As long as it does not possess any objective possibility or obligation and cannot control the internet pages and resources made available via electronic references/links placed in the online shop or in the users’ profiles, the SUPPLIER is not responsible for any unlawful character of the contents and materials located in those internet pages and resources.
5.4. The SUPPLIER is not responsible for any incurred damages or lost profits resulting from the use, access or untrustworthiness of those materials and contents;
5.5. The SUPPLIER, its suppliers or third parties are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damages, losses of information, lost profits and other incurred as a result from the use or non-use of the website, irrespectively of any warnings or absence of warnings to the SUPPLIER. In case the use of materials by the USER results in any damages, requiring maintenance, service or repair of equipment and/or information, the USER will be responsible for any expenses related to recovery of damages incurred.
5.6. The SUPPLIER is not obligated and possesses no objective possibility to control the manner in which the USER uses this website.


6.1. Every USER can provide feedback to the SUPPLIER by making enquiries, giving proposals or requesting information. This is possible via the email address or the telephone provided or via the contact form in the “Contact” section of the site.
6.2. The SUPPLIER is the administrator of this internet site and respectively of the comments and discussion section. In performance of this function, the SUPPLIER may remove any insulting comments that are against the good morals and behavior standards.


7.1 The USER may, at any time, request to delete all their data;
7.2 The USER will compensate the SUPPLIER and all third parties for any damages and lost profits incurred, including for any expenses related to legal fees, paid compensations, records expenses resulting from filed claims by third parties in connection with non-fulfillment of the USER’S obligations, violations of the Bulgarian legislation or applicable foreign laws, these General provisions, good manners and/or internet ethics. The USER will compensate the SUPPLIER for all damages incurred by third parties using the passwords provided to them by the USER.
7.3 The parties hereby declare that if, at any time, one or several of its provisions becomes invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be in any way affected and any such separate invalid provisions will be deemed replaced by mandatory law rights.
7.4. All disputes arising between the parties will be settled amicably and in good will. In case no agreement has been reached, then all disputes, arising between the parties, will be referred to the respective competent court in Sofia.
7.5. A written form is deemed complied with when sent by electronic mail, clicking on a button in a content page, filled out by the USER in a field of the internet site of the SUPPLIER and other similar ways, provided the message is recorded in a manner allowing its technical reproduction.
7.6. These General provisions may be amended unilaterally by the SUPPLIER. The changes in the General provisions do not affect the SUPPLIER-USER relations, arising from valid purchase order submission prior to the notification. The up-to-date version of the General provisions can be found on www.woodenspoon.eu
7.7. For any unsettled issues the rules of the effective Bulgarian legislation will apply.


Registration is not required to publish reviews (comments) on the website – www.woodenspoon.eu , unless explicitly expressed otherwise. The registration is free. The USER may comment on Facebook through their Facebook profile.
Besides posting their comments, every USER (including non-registered ones) may assess the reviews of other users.
8.1. Limitations on the content of the personal information of users.
In the comments, name, avatar, signature and all elements of their public profiles on the website of Wooden spoon, the USER is not allowed:
8.1.1 to misrepresent themselves as other participants in the forum by copying the name, the avatar or the signature of an existing user;
8.1.2. to present themselves as a public person by using their name or photo in their profiles;
8.1.3. to use vulgar or obscene words, racial, sexual or religious insults, incitement to racial discrimination, ethnical or religious intolerance, sexual discrimination or violence, offensive descriptions of physical, intellectual or moral qualities of media representatives or particular public persons, spams, advertising content, pornographic content or contents infringing copyrights.
Upon violation of any of the above conditions, the website moderators have the right to issue a warning and later on deactivate the profiles of the offenders, to delete their comments or reject their publication.
8.2. The USERS of the site may:
8.2.1. post reviews related to our products, initiatives and activities;
8.2. 2. reply to posted reviews;
8.2.3. add links to other websites related to sales of our products;
8.2.4. rate the reviews of the other participants in the discussions:
8.2.5 A USER from one IP address may vote on a review once only. The voting is done via two buttons:

  • “positive vote” button expresses agreement with the review;
  • “negative vote” button expresses disagreement with the review;