Natural “Peel-Off” Mask

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Contains 3 doses. 

Deep cleansing facial mask with organic rice, diatomaceous earth and seaweeds.
Rich in vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants.

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Detox Peel-Off mask for deep cleaning and delicate exfoliation of the gentle facial skin.

Our detox Peel-Off mask contains organic rice, diatomaceous earth and seaweeds, resulting in extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants deep cleansing facial mask.

  • The fine particles of organic rice gently exfoliate the delicate facial skin, leaving it velvety soft. They stimulate the natural production of collagen and even out the pigmentation.
  • Despite its name, diatomaceous earth is a food-grade ingredient that stands out for its remarkable filtering properties and its ideal structure for an exfoliant and face mask. In addition to its main component, silicon, diatomaceous earth also contains other minerals as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium and phosphorus. A complete mineral diet for your facial skin. Silicon, is not only an important mineral, but also an essential part of the formation of collagen. Collagen helps the renewal of cell walls and maintains the elasticity of the skin. It supports the rapid healing of the skin and smoothes fine lines.
  • Seaweeds help to hydrate the skin cells, reduce unwanted pigmentation, suppress inflammatory processes, accelerate skin healing after superficial wounds and minor burns, and fade scars.

Pamper yourself with our deep cleansing detox mask with organic rice – a real delight for the skin at the comfort of your home.
The hectic everyday busy life and taking care of everyone at home sometimes takes all of our time.
Don’t forget to steal 15-20 minutes for yourself, we will take care of your facial skin with our peel – off cleansing mask, you just need to pour a warm cup of tea and play your favorite music.



*Ingredients from Organic Agriculture

In a clean bowl pour about 10g of powder and add 30ml of water stirring for 1 minute. The batter must become smooth and homogeneous. For extra pampering you can use floral water, 5 drops of your facial serum and/or a drop of your favorite essential oil. Apply the mixture on a clean face, wait until it dries completely (15-20 minutes), peel it off gently and wash your face with warm water.  

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use in case of allergies. Keep away from children!



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