Biodegradable Diapers SMALL (6-10kg)

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Hypoallergenic          Gentle to skin        Breathable

Biodegradable bamboo fibers        Super absorbent core

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As soft as bamboo linen, Woopies eco diapers wrap the baby with unparalleled care from natural fabrics that help baby’s skin breathe freely. The outer part of the eco diaper is made of 100% woven bamboo (biodegradable) and a smooth cornstarch film (biodegradable). The inner part is a combination of bamboo fibers (biodegradable) and a membrane that draws moisture into the diaper to keep baby’s bottom dry (non-biodegradable). The filling is made of biodegradable wood cellulose and super-absorbent Japanese polymer (non-biodegradable).

Woopies are a new generation of eco diapers, created by WoodenSpoon and inspired by all mothers who keep looking for a more sustainable solution for their babies in the name of healthier children and a cleaner planet*. With every package of bamboo diapers purchased, we change the world together!

Welcome to the new world of Woopies!

Loved by babies! Approved by parents! Appreciated by Nature!

*A standard diaper decomposes within 450-500 years. In optimal conditions, in 85 days, Woopies diapers are already more than 50% degraded.

The comfort and well-being of our children was the main factor in the creation of our bamboo eco diapers Woopies.

Our eco diapers are extremely soft and gentle on the delicate baby’s skin. The natural materials allow the skin to breathe freely and at the same time provide full leakage protection for up to 12 hours. The Japanese technology used draws down the moisture from the surface.

We know how important is to keep the baby dry and protected, so we don’t compromise on quality for the sake of more natural diapers. We have not bleached the fabrics, nor have we added artificial synthetic fragrances. We are deeply thankful for your faith in us, because of you we managed to create clean and environmentally conscious diapers.

For the maximum convenience of babies and their parents, we designed Woopies with a stretchy elastic band that does not press the baby’s tummy, a moisture indicator and re-stick side tapes.

Thanks to you, Woopies are now a reality!

For maximum comfort when putting on the diaper, please follow the following instructions for use.

  1. Open the diaper and stretch the front and back elastic waist.
  2. Stretch the inner elastic of the nappy to ensure 100% leakage protection.
  3. The diaper is ready to be put on after making sure that you have completely opened the outer and inner elastic.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 28 cm

Пакет 32бр., Мега Пак 320бр.

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