8 years ago we started the company Wooden Spoon with the passionate idea of providing the purest possible, honest and effective cosmetics without compromising on the quality. Nature has always been a leading factor in our decision-making process since we want to be as harmless as possible to our home – planet Earth.

The new generation of bamboo diapers are our step forward in our mission to take care of children’s health and comfort and leave a smaller footprint in our world for future generations.

For the last several years, we have had the opportunity to meet and speak with many parents who pay attention to product labels and read them. Those are parents interested in what their baby products contain and how their consumption affects the environment. It seems that more and more families are striving to be more environmentally conscious while keeping their high baby’s products standards.
Knowing this, we got inspired to create new eco-friendly baby diapers. Baby’s comfort is our primary goal, and we wanted to create delicate diapers, easy, convenient to use, and affordable for parents. Not only this, but our Woopies provide complete leakage protection and are kind to nature.


How are bamboo diapers made?

The outside of the diaper is 100% woven bamboo (biodegradable) and a smooth cornstarch film (biodegradable). The inner part consists of a combination of bamboo fibers (biodegradable) and a membrane that draws moisture into the diaper to keep the baby’s bottom dry (non-biodegradable). The filling is biodegradable wood cellulose and super-absorbent Japanese polymer (non-biodegradable). With this innovative absorbent technology and stitching, the new bamboo diapers keep the skin always dry and let it breathe freely.

The eco bamboo diapers are naturally white, with no added dyes, fragrances, or chemicals.



How contribute to nature?

With every package of bamboo diapers purchased, we change the world together. The Woopies Eco Bamboo Diaper, in optimal conditions in 85 days, has already decomposed more than 50%, unlike a polyester diaper that remains for generations.

We believe that sustainable responsibility should not be forwarded solely to the customers. Together we have the power to change the future of the planet and our children.

are loved by babies! Approved by parents! Appreciated by nature!