Organic Silver A-Cream

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The combination of bio-certified oils and the high content of microsilver and active colloidal oats create effective care for sensitive skin prone to dryness, atopic dermatitis and rosacea.

100% natural ingredients / 99.3% organic ingredients

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Bio-certified soothing cream with microsilver and colloidal oat.

After long tests, experiments and days spent searching for a natural product to strengthen the skin’s protection, we have developed a specialized cream for skin prone to atopic and rosacea.

What does microsilver mean?
Microsilver is an innovative, pure metallic silver powder consisting of highly porous and micro-sized medical silver particles. It is produced through a unique and pure physical manufacturing process, with no added chemicals.

What is the effect of microsilver on the skin?
The silver ions in microsilver inhibit the growth of microbes and destroy the vital structures on the bacterial surface. Effectively reduces bacterial proliferation and thus, naturally allows the recovery of the skin flora.

What are the benefits of microsilver?
– Broad spectrum of antimicrobial effect.
– Clinically tested ingredient with excellent compatibility. Safely combines with other cosmetic ingredients.
– Bio-certified product, without nano particles.
– Effective natural protection against unwanted bacteria without penetrating the skin or mucous membranes.

What is a colloidal oat?
One of the few natural ingredients with an active action to protect the skin. It is a specialized colloidal oat flour of cosmetic grade, rich in active substances. Actively supports irritated, red or dry skin, itching, inflammation and eczema.

What are the benefits of colloidal oat?
– Superfood for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.
– Supports the restoration of the skin barrier.
– Helps control itching.
– Clinically tested ingredient for atopic and eczema-prone skin.
– Retains water molecules, leaving skin smooth and soft.
– Maintains the skin’s natural pH level, promoting optimal skin function.

How do colloidal oat help anti-inflammatory processes?
We call the active ingredient in our cream “skin protector” because it naturally creates a light and breathable protective barrier. Studies prove that in this way water molecules are retained in the skin and the penetration of toxins and pollutants from the external environment is reduced, thanks to the high level of natural antioxidants contained in it.

And more?
– Dermatologically tested – suitable for all areas of the delicate skin.
– No added citric or lactic acid to avoid unpleasant stinging on the skin.
– Fortified with herbal extracts of calendula, chamomile and St. John’s wort.
– Allergen-free formula.

A true personal story tells…

“It all starts in the fall of 2021, when our child wakes up with spots all over his body. It was initially diagnosed with an allergy, but after the spots did not disappear for half a year, we received diagnoses such as atopic skin, eczema, allergy….

The treatment is clear: corticosteroid creams, anti-histamines… non-stop. We were also prescribed cosmetic lotions specially formulated for dermatological problems. As a dramatic proponent of clean food and cosmetics, this was a huge gap to everything I believe in. I resigned myself and told myself that this would be a lesson for me and bought what was prescribed. The meds only made things worse over time, and my child was screaming from the creams. It turned out that the lactic and citric acids stung badly on the open wounds on his skin. The dermatologist reassured me that it’s normal and only stings for the first 10 minutes. After all, it’s the active ingredients that counts!

I slapped myself on the forehead, I thought taht we actually have access to the active ingredients! I could create a product myself without using water and various acids in it. We rolled up our sleeves and started looking for the perfect combination. I promised myself that if we found a solution for my child, I would make this product be available to all families in a similar situation. We are fully aware that this is not a magic product that will solve children’s problems, but we believe that it can relieve them and help them in the battle for healthier skin.

Today, my son is free of rashes and skin problems. We found a solution in herbal treatment and natural salves, but my heart will always shrink not to end up in a similar situation again.
I also saw how many products are needed to constantly lubricate the skin, and therefore, with the help and support of our company WoodenSpoon, we decided to create a special program for children who need our products.”

Our promise:
Anyone who sends us their child’s epicrisis will receive a personal code that allows them to take both A-cream & Silver A-cream with a 50% discount. This code will not be available to third parties and will be for children under 18 years of age. We hope that with this we can at least support the families who are going through this ordeal together with their children. Email us at to receive a discount code.

Good luck,

Silvia Pavlova

/creator of WoodenSpoon/

*A-Cream & Silver A-cream products are not medical products! Although they are dermatologically tested, we recommend that you consult your doctor and test on a small area before using on the whole body. There is no cosmetic product that suits every skin type. We will be grateful for feedback so that we can develop and together with mothers in Bulgaria create products that really help.

Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*, Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil*, Cera Alba*, Avena Sativa Kernel Flour*, Avena Sativa Kernel Oil*, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*, Hypericum Perforatum Flower/Twig Extract*, Silver, Chamomilla Matricaria Flower Oil*, Tocopherol.

*From organic farming

99.3% organic ingredients of total / 100% natural ingredients of total 

COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard.


Apply to dry and clean skin. Treat problem areas with gentle movements and clean hands. Suitable for all ages.
Caution: Do not use if allergic. Keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes.



Improves elasticity

Deep hydration


Calms the itching


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2 reviews for Organic Silver A-Cream

  1. Калоян

    Определено хидратира кожата, пробвахме го в продължение на 4-5 месеца, като сме имали прекъсвания, но облекчава леко атопичния дерматит. Не препоръчвам да се използва на зони, достъпни на слънчева светлина, получават се тъмни петна по кожата. Определено е прехвален за цената си.

  2. Анелия А

    Ползвахме го в продължение на 3 месеца (3 пъти изпуснах стъклото и доста трудно се чистят и като цяло го драсках детето и спрях, за да не откаже тотално, но може би щеше да стигне за още месец).
    По 3-4 пъти на ден(след всяко хранене), с изключения разбира се.
    Дали е от него, дали е от времето – откакто го ползваме, дълбоки рани не е имало!
    Много благодарим.
    Прочетох горния отзив за слънцето – от както е топло и слънчево, ние ползваме другия с овес, нямам впечатления за петната.

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