Organic certified Sunscreen Lotion SPF 35+

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100% natural ingredients of total/ 80% organic igredients of total

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Bio sunscreen cream with Raspberry SPF 35+ is a unique mix of precious oils that reduces the aging of sun-exposed skin.

  • Baobab – Protects the skin from the negative sun effect. It fights the signs of aging, smoothes wrinkles and sun damage and reduces redness and inflammation.
  • Cucumber – Refreshes the skin, retains natural hydration and keeps skin supple and moisturized. Plus a gentle cooling action.
  • Raspberry – Oil with natural sun protection factor, it contains high levels of phytosterols that help reduce transepidermal water loss.

This year your natural and safe sunscreen comes with the revolutionary invisible zinc! No more white marks! The whole family deserves natural, gentle and ecological suncare without looking like ghosts on the beach! The new natural sunscreens with invisible zinc leave no white marks.

The new natural sunscreen products with invisible zinc of Wooden Spoon:

  • Leaves no white marks
  • Easier to apply
  • Provides higher UVA &UVB protection
  • 100% natural and organic certified
  • Safe, delicate and hypoallergenic
  • Water resistant
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Safe for the marine world

Wooden Spoon brand in launching first natural sunscreens with revolutionary invisible zinc. This innovation will make the natural sunscreen products a preferred option, suitable for all skin types. Our new sunscreens with invisible zinc leave no white marks and they are easier to apply. We conducted In-vivoin-vitro and dermatological tests with the new invisible zinc in certified laboratories in Italy, Poland and Bulgaria.

  • In-vivo tests with volunteers in a controlled laboratory environment proved that the new sunscreen lotions with fully natural ingredients and invisible zinc have a high UVA & UVB protection!
  • The dermatological test conducted on 20 volunteers (11 of them with a history of allergic reactions) showed that the new mineral sunscreen lotions are gentle to the skin, they do not irritate, do not cause redness or any allergic reactions.

The Invisible Zinc is the future of the natural sun protection! Wooden Spoon team is very proud that we will be the first to offer natural sun protection with invisible zinc on the European market!“

IngredientsSimmondsia chinensis Seed Oil*, Cocos nucifera oil*, Helianthus annuus seed oil*, Zinc oxide, Cera alba*, Tocopherol, Citrus sinensis essential oil*, Adansonia digitata oil*, Rubus idaeus seed oil*, Cucumis sativus oil*

*From organic farming
80% organic ingredients of total / 100% natural ingredients of total 

COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard.

Start gently applying to the skin with slow circular movements. Apply 20 min. before sun exposure. Re-apply every 2-3 h or after sweeting, toweleing-off. Avoid contact with the eyes.






Fine lines and Wrinkles




Cooling effect

Sunscreen skin care

Reduces ageing



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4 reviews for Organic certified Sunscreen Lotion SPF 35+

  1. КатяВълкова

    Разнася се много лесно и попива бързо. Обичам когато ходя на море да не стоя много под чадъра, а моята супер бяла кожа, често се зачервяваше. Тази година, не само, че не изгорях, ами хванах супер як тен!

  2. Georgi_Slavov

    Отличен продукт. Препоръчвам

  3. Jessica Horrocks

    I have been meaning to post a review about this product since last August. All I can say is AMAZING, I LOVE IT! To be honest I haven’t heard of this brand till August last year. I saw it on “Baby Sussex” book and decided to look it up. I’m so glad I did. Went to Greece for two weeks. Came back with no sun burns, no sun allergies and awesome tan (which usually never happens 😂 ). This is my most favourite sun lotion EVER. I’m planning on trying the after sun this summer and I will post my review.

  4. Amelia

    Works great! My skin doesn’t dry from it. I do recommend it!

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