Silviya Pavlova, Wooden Spoon Co-Founder in Bulgaria’s English Magazine VAGABOND

“Nature has immense potential to heal, inspire and bring beauty to our skin. A Bulgarian brand, Wooden Spoon, is making the most of it.

The small, but ambitious company creates cosmetics for babies, children and adults that pamper and nourish the skin, enlivens the soul and spares the environment. Wooden Spoon uses organic certified oils and herb extracts and applies innovative technology to make products that effectively bring youth, health and softness to the skin.

The brand’s groundbreaking products have become a staple for thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. Even Robert Jobson, the official correspondent to the British royal family, included Wooden Spoon’s baby care series in his book Baby Sussex, published in 2020 for the first birthday of Archie, the son of Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex. Wooden Spoon was selected for the book not only because of its excellent products, but also for its strong female leadership. Silviya Pavlova, co-founder, shares more.

What defines the concept of the Wooden Spoon brand? What makes you different from the rest on the market?

“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!” Considering that skin is the largest human organ and cosmetics are absorbed into our bloodstream, we wanted to make products to “feed” the skin with the purest possible and genuine natural ingredients. We combine raw and unprocessed organic butter and oils, beeswax and herbal extracts, which effectively help to maintain the skin healthy and rejuvenated. We do not use water and we do not heat the butters over 38°C to avoid the destruction of their beneficial properties.”

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