The choice of sun care is important for the health of our skin and the protection of the environment. At the moment, we know 2 types of sun protection filters – mineral and chemical.



Mineral filters act as a protective layer that sits on top of the skin. This layer reflects and repels UVA&UVB rays and prevents them from penetrating the skin at all.

Chemical sunscreen filters soak into the skin, absorb UVA & UVB rays inside and convert them into heat energy.

❗❗❗ Some countries and regions (e.g. Palau, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Caribbean region…) have already banned the use of sunscreens with chemical filters in their territory, as studies prove that some chemical filters endanger marine life and harm coral reefs .

What is the sun protection of Wooden Spoon?

Bio-certified sun care with 100% natural ingredients. Mineral UVA&UVB filters, without white marks.





The innovative invisible zinc is the future of natural sun protection!