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Favorite products

Baby Sun Care

Mineral UVA&UVB protection.

Baby care

Pure formula to keep the delicate baby’s skin hydrated.

Bamboo Eco Diapers

Hypoallergenic biodegradable bamboo diapers.

Gift Sets

The perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

Sun care for adults

With natural ingredients and mineral filters.


Eliminates odors and provides all-day freshness.

Hand care

Moisturizes and creates a protective film.

Face care

Pamper your skin with a luxurious facial care products.

Shower gels

Natural shower gels and soaps without artificial aroma and foamers.

Dental care

Improves overall oral health.





100% natural

100% organic butters and oils

Organic essential oils

Organic herbal extracts

Gentle production




Water preservatives

Synthetic ingredients


News from our blog

Nurtering baby’s natural skin microbiome

Nurtering baby’s natural skin microbiome

The microbiome is a complex and dynamic community of microorganisms that extends far beyond the gut, residing on our skin, mouth, nose, and various other places on our bodies. This intricate ecosystem plays a crucial role in safeguarding the health, acting as a shield...

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Great News From UK!

Great News From UK!

Wooden Spoon Baby Diaper cream is a finalist for “Best of Organic Pregnancy and Baby Products at UK’s only organic awards.

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Who has trusted us

Petko Venelinov


For me, being an actor is not a profession but a calling! I require that I act on my vocation with the utmost love and truth, but I also require that the products I use be genuine and made with love. That’s why I use Wooden Spoon products! PS In fact, I can’t call them a product! Product nowadays is a word I associate with something that makes money, and the things Wooden spoon does make love! Therefore, I can say that I enjoy the love of Wooden spoon with pleasure.

Yaroslava Pavlova


I asked myself why I use Wooden Spoon?
The answer was easy:
Because I believe them!
Because I have 2 children and I am looking for the best for them!
Because I know my skin needs the care of Wooden Spoon!
Because I am on this earth for a short time and have no time to waste to use other products!
I am grateful to have discovered Wooden Spoon and know that I will never allow this paradise to leave my life!

Stefania Kocheva


As an actress, I have to use heavy stage makeup, I am stressed and I have many sleepless nights. I am saved by the Wooden spoon cleansing oil so that my skin is perfectly cleansed and primed for my favorite Super Seeds Night Therapy. I use ENCHANTING NEROLI and thus give myself sensory aroma therapy. In the morning, even if I slept a little, my skin is fresh, like after 8 hours of sleep, and I charged for new adventures and new roles with a wide smile and almost imperceptible wrinkles of happiness!

Diana Handzhieva


“If you can’t eat your cream – don’t put it on your skin!” Do you know where I got it from Wooden Spoon!

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